Wahlenbourg XII
rain, rain, rain...
sun, sun, sun...
things from here (merci Marie pour le collier!)
3 ans le 20
1 an le 21
nasty microbes...


in october...

... going here and meet her
moving everything at home
"celebrating" my birthday
trying to manage to read
starting to stop breastfiding (and drink)


13 septembre

My first baby is 6 years old...


early september

mess everywhere
hanging around
back to school (+ school for the first time for B.)
2 days in Picardie for a wedding...
(and a nice order here)


and then... august

a pinch of countryside
at home with the kids... and feeling so tired
my first quiet breakfast for a long time!
M & B away for a whole week (and for the first time)
alone with my so peaceful 9 months baby girl
(so many) tomatoes and zucchinis from the garden in the kitchen

end of july

on the road to Troyes...
Nantes (Forever!)


nothing like Home...
Cha & me
Palinka! But not for me
First teeth for my big one!